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Art should be something that gives you a good feeling when viewing and perhaps brings you back to a memorable place or event. By creating personalized Ketubah along with other custom commissioned watercolors, I am able to capture and re-create that special time, place, or memory in your life.

My exploration with watercolors began thirty years ago. I took an immediate liking to the many challenges that working with something as simple as water presented to me.  After overcoming the fear of how water and paint react when sharing the same space on a given piece of paper, I began to feel a level of comfort and satisfaction that any artist might hope to experience.
Within my site you will explore a wide variety of subject matter that I have been inspired to paint throughout the years. I paint what truly interests me using a vivid color palette to express myself on paper.

I hope you take the time and enjoy browsing my watercolor artwork. Please feel free to contact me at with any questions, comments and pricing requests.

Joyce Askinasi

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