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Create Your Ketubah

Click here to contact me with questions about creating your Ketubah      


I will assist the couple from beginning to end. We will meet to discuss design ideas, colors and text size and preference.  Once a sketch is done and colors have been selected I will begin my artist creation. We will either meet in person or by email to review, approve and touch base along the way.  Depending on how complex the design, the entire project will take aprox. 3-8 weeks to complete.    


Ketubahs are available as either original watercolor designs or high quality giclee prints which are chosen from my collection.  Original designs will be yours alone to be displayed in your home as a one-of-a-kind work of fine art.      


As my expertise is that of the artist I have a few Ketubah/Calligraphers that I use to provide the text you choose. Whether it be Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Interfaith or LGBT, all will be reviewed and approved by your Rabbi or Clergy member. Text will then be created by the calligrapher himself or digitally produced.    


Your Ketubah is made to be a highly visible component of your marriage and to forever be a part of your home.

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